PeopleShores is an impact-driven, impact-sourced digital services company helping companies bridge the digital gap. 


150 Charcot Ave., Suite D

San Jose, CA 95131, USA

TEL: +1 (408) 526-1818


1540 Desoto Ave., 

Clarksdale, MS 38614, USA

TEL: +1 (662) 351-0518

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Who we are

PeopleShores is a for-profit social enterprise with a charter to bring technology driven jobs to the 'shores' of economically challenged communities in the United States through 'Impact Sourcing'. PeopleShores is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in the state of Delaware.

PeopleShores empowers young adults and members of these communities by developing, honing and enhancing their professional skills; offering them employment with clear cut paths to long and successful careers. This goal is achieved through the establishment of technology and business process centres that offer compelling business propositions to companies that outsource these services.

PeopleShores is promoted by a group of highly accomplished industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the United States of America - all of whom share a common passion for social-good. The collective endeavour is a compelling business proposition but with an embedded social cause; essentially, creating values through values.

PeopleShores Company Profile

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Our mission and values

We seek to transform PeopleShores into a globally recognised social enterprise positively impacting underserved communities in all continents. We are a business with a social conscience.

For our target communities: We will enable and empower

For our clients: We will be a valued Impact Sourcing Partner

For our investors: We will provide an equitable social return

For ourselves: We will seek meaning in our service

Our Team