PeopleShores is an impact-driven, impact-sourced digital services company helping companies bridge the digital gap. 


150 Charcot Ave., Suite D

San Jose, CA 95131, USA

TEL: +1 (408) 526-1818


1540 Desoto Ave., 

Clarksdale, MS 38614, USA

TEL: +1 (662) 351-0518

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What we do
Whilst the pursuit of a social agenda helps us open doors to our clients, only compelling business propositions help us win deals. We offer potential game-changing solutions to our clients.

PeopleShores is promoted by a group of highly accomplished industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the United States of America – all of whom share a common passion for social-good. The endeavor is a compelling business proposition but with a social cause; essentially, creating value through values. The business model envisions a sharp focus on building skill-sets and capabilities; and providing employment to deserving youth, thereby fostering a vibrant local economy. In doing so, PeopleShores endeavors to make a serious business case for US corporations to engage it in managing their core business processes.

We are a proud part of the Global Impact Sourcing Coalition. Learn more here >

We have a set of Case Studies that are available for your view.

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What we do

To our young friends: We set technology enabled delivery centers near our target communities to employ and empower disadvantaged young adults by developing, honing and enhancing their professional skills.

To our corporate clients: We deliver technology and business process outsourcing services.

Our target communities

  • Inner US cities with a high number of disconnected young adults

  • Military bases with unemployed veterans and spouses

  • Native American reservations with unemployed youth

  • Dilapidated industry towns requiring re-skilling and re-settlement