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The Rockefeller Foundation on Impact Sourcing

July 9, 2018

With increased focus on shared value, inclusive business and corporate social responsibility, businesses are looking for both positive financial and social impact in their own practices, and in those of their supply chain.


The services outsourcing industry is well-placed to advance inclusive business practices. Impact Sourcing means employment for high potential but disadvantaged people in the services sector. This innovative model can help business meet and exceed their cost and quality objectives. It also provides an innovative new offering to clients in an industry looking for innovation.



In a report establishing the value proposition for Impact Sourcing, Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP) 'Exploring the Value Proposition for Impact 
Sourcing' found that 46 percent of surveyed client companies were likely to engage in impact sourcing if they participate in CSR initiatives. But impact sourcing is not just a CSR Initiative. It has tangible business benefits.


Link: The Rockefeller Foundation on Impact Sourcing

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