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RuralShores is recognized as the world’s largest Pure Play Impact Sourcing Service Provider (ISSP). It delivers superior quality service for clients across four continents.

The RuralShores Mission

Enskill – Employ – Empower – Engage

The RuralShores Objective

Provide sustainable employment to 1,00,000 rural youth by establishing RuralShores centres in each of the 500 rural districts of India.

The Background

Most educated rural youth in India migrate to cities in search of job opportunities since their villages offer little or no opportunities. These helpless youth have no choice but to leave their families and their proud village cultures behind and flock to cities with the hope of making a decent living. With fragmented families and increasing corporatisation of agriculture, farming as a means of income for the lower income rural population is becoming less appealing. The economic progress the country is experiencing today is only limited to the urban areas and benefiting middle class and above. This progress cannot be sustained in the long term unless rural India is brought into nation-wide development. These rural folks prefer to stay in their own villages if they can earn sustainable incomes through professional jobs in their vicinities.

The Countryside Nationwide Mission

RuralShores was setup 9 years ago with the vision of ‘transforming rural youth into confident and caring knowledge professionals through Impact Sourcing’. RuralShores is a ‘Countryside, Nationwide’ social initiative focusing on providing employability solutions and employment opportunities for rural youth across rural India. This is done by setting up micro IT and business process management centers in tier 5/6 locations that are generally at the sub-taluk level. Each center employs an average of 200 rural youth covering a dozen villages within a 10 miles radius. 

The Social Impact

With 20 centers across 9 states employing nearly 4000 rural youth, RuralShores is today the largest 'Impact Sourcing Service Provider' globally. Written about by the world’s leading business press including the New York Times and the BBC; and talked about in the world’s leading business schools and universities, RuralShores is currently managing nearly 80 different processes for more than two dozen reputed clients from various industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Microfinance, Logistics and Healthcare. Most of the processes are rule based transaction processing and local language voice support. Some are even KPO processes.

RuralShores employs a robust business model with emphasis on sustainability, scalability and security (information), while delivering quality and cost advantages to clients. Most employees have Plus 2 education. They are provided two types of training: Foundation training which includes basic English read & write skills, basic computer skills; and soft skills followed by process specific training. Over the past several years, RuralShores has evolved an ‘operating template’ that can be applied for a successful rural delivery across processes and geographical regions. This consists of three key elements (a) talent model honed to work with rural youth; (b) sustainable operating center business model, and  (c) knowledge intermediation approach.

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Awards & Accolades for RuralShores

For its robust business model with emphasis on sustainability, scalability and information security, RuralShores has won a number of Indian and international awards. It is a case-study in business schools and finds mentions in the pages of Indian and international media.